Trader Information Page:

The following information should be read before booking –

  1. The arrival time should not be before 07.30am, no admission will be gained before that time unless by prior arrangement – see booking form.
  2. Radio Fairs staff will be available from 07.15am, the racecourse staff will be on duty from 06.00am.
  3. All traders must wear an exhibitors pass at all times. No visitors will be allowed on site before 10.00am. Extra passes can be purchased at the time of booking.
  4. No trading shall take place before 10.00am.
  5. Loading, unloading and security is the sole responsibility of the seller, Radio Fairs is not responsible for damage, loss or injury.
  6. All health and safety rules shall be adhered to, in particular no goods shall be stacked unsafely or stowed in gangways. The show will not open if this is not adhered to.
  7. After unloading all vehicles shall be parked in the sellers car park on the hard standing, not on the grassed areas. Unloading shall be complete and vehicles moved by 09.30am. The show will not open until all vehicles are removed.
  8. At the end of the show packing up must take place in a manner so as not to block gangways or cause danger to visitors.
  9. Vehicles can only be moved to loading bays when the show is finished, an announcement will be made. Under EXCEPTIONAL circumstances vehicles can only be moved early to public areas under Kempton escort.
  10. No fire exit shall be obstructed in any way, this includes aerial feeds.
  11. Before booking please read the H+S regulations – click here.
  12. Table sizes are 6’ by 2’6” each