Next Kempton Rally is postponed until Sunday 15th November 2020

Coronavirus (Corvid-19)


With the current situation of what is now called a pandemic break-out of the Coronavirus COVID-19, it is with great regret that we have to announce that it has been decided to postpone the Kempton Rally that was due to be held on Sunday 19th April 2020.  

We have been able to secure a date for the postponed rally of Sunday 15th November 2020. 

After a lot of thought we considered it would be prudent to do so due to health considerations.  It has been postponed on the grounds that it is advisable to avoid and keep away from gatherings or events where there is an increased possibility of contracting or spreading the virus regardless of appropriate measures being taken. As you will be aware we have lots of people attending who are advancing in age and may not be in the best of health, added to which the event is normally very crowded and there is no way of avoiding close contact.

If you have booked already and payment has been made, we will hold the money over for the next event.  Please keep the paperwork that you will have already received.

By November we hope that it will be business as usual.

Sorry for the inconvenience  caused, we hope you will understand and continue to support us.

Thank you and keep safe.

Paul & Ray

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