15th April 2018 Rally – Special Events

Special Events for Kempton Rally 15th April 2018

Talk on “Getting Started on the 630m band (475kHz)”

David M0MRF
David G0MRF

We are very pleased to welcome David Bowman G0MRF, a member of the Whitton ARG, to give a talk and presentation on “Getting Started on the 630m band (475kHz)“.  It is planned to commence at 10:45 and will last about an hour.

The proposed topics to be covered are:

– The allocation and propagation comparison with 160/80m
– Modes – CW / WSPR / JT9 + FT8
– TX / RX Equipment (The IC7300 works on that band)
– Antennas and tuning
– Results………WSPR and QSOs


Aerial Circus Revisited with Terry G4CDY

Terry G4CDY
Terry G4CDY

Following on David’s talk, Terry Giles G4CDY will be giving his re-created Aerial Circus presentation that was originally given by Dud Charman G6CJ  This will be from about 12:00. Announcements will be made on the day when it is up and running.

Terry G4CDY is now the Secretary of CATS and he gave this presentation to them back in 2013 – see their Nov 2013 Newsletter  

The photo shows Terry  using a piece of copper PCB as an artificial “ionosphere” to show how QSB (fading) can be caused by the interference of two or more waves arriving at the receiver via different routes of continuously varying path length. 




News January 2018

JANUARY 2018 NEWS – Rallies in 2018


After much thought we have decided that the November rally will not take place at least for this year.

Moving forward, we want to stage one strong event a year rather than two second rate rallies a year.  This no doubt will please some of the sellers and not others.  One thing for sure is that the visitors will come in the same numbers as always.

As a seller if, for example, you hired two tables at each rally (four per year) in the past, you may have wished to have hired three at the one event to accommodate extra stock build up, and clearly this will save you money over the year.

You will have noticed that whilst the number of sellers attending the rally has not really changed, we are aware that an increasing percentage only attend one of the two events each year.  This is due to a number of factors which include the costs associated with staffing and fuel, in addition other events may have clashed with our dates.

When we started fifteen years ago we launched at Epsom and Kempton.  We very quickly found that Epsom was not viable so we moved the Epsom event to Kempton, hence the bi-annual rally was borne. 

As the years go by we are sad to see that some of our well-known sellers are not attending mainly due to ill-health, silent keys, retirement and business closures.  Happily new businesses are attending to fill the void.

Gone are the days when visitors came along to see and purchase new equipment.  Much of this is done on-line now.  However, visitors still come along to see, touch and seek advice on the latest radios on offer.  That is why the OEMs and larger dealers are pivotal to the rally success.  We are happy to report that they are still supporting us in every possible way.

There is an emerging business in selling small components and accessories, and that is what the event is leaning towards, but the returns are smaller and the cost of attending these events are increasing.  We have been playing our part in keeping the costs to the seller virtually the same over the years in spite of increasing overheads levied upon us.

With your continuing support we will continue to stage a buoyant happy event for all.



Paul Berkeley

Chairman, Radio Fairs