Special Events

Events for 15th April 2018

Talk on "Getting Started on the 630m band (475kHz)"

David M0MRF
David G0MRF

We are very pleased to welcome David Bowman G0MRF, a member of the Whitton ARG, to give a talk and presentation on "Getting Started on the 630m band (475kHz)".  It is planned to commence at 10:45 and will last about an hour.

The proposed topics to be covered are:

- The allocation and propagation comparison with 160/80m
- Modes - CW / WSPR / JT9 + FT8
- TX / RX Equipment (The IC7300 works on that band)
- Antennas and tuning
- Results.........WSPR and QSOs

Aerial Circus Revisited with Terry G4CDY

Terry G4CDY
Terry G4CDY

Following on David's talk, Terry Giles G4CDY will be giving his re-created Aerial Circus presentation that was originally given by Dud Charman G6CJ  This will be from about 12:00. Announcements will be made on the day when it is up and running.

Terry G4CDY is now the Secretary of CATS and he gave this presentation to them back in 2013 - see their Nov 2013 Newsletter  

The photo shows Terry  using a piece of copper PCB as an artificial “ionosphere” to show how QSB (fading) can be caused by the interference of two or more waves arriving at the receiver via different routes of continuously varying path length.