Special Events

Events for 5th Nov 2017

Lecture on "High Power Transmitting Small Tuned Loops"

We are very pleased to welcome Professor Mike Underhill G3LHZ, who will be giving a talk and presentation on "High Power Transmitting Small Tuned Loops".  It is planned to commence at 10:45 and last about an hour. A repeat lecture may be given after lunch - this will be decided on the day. He will be bringing a couple or more example novel and experimental loops to show and perhaps measure with a VNA (SDR Kits).

RSGB Region 10 Regional Manager Stand

After the lecture Mick Senior G4EFO and team will be manning the RSGB Regional Manager Region 10 (South East England) stand in the lecture area. So bring your questions, etc. This will be from about 12:30. Announcements will be made on the day when it is up and running.

More info can be found on the RM10 RSGB webpage.  


The team will be attending Kempton promoting DMR and be able to assist with queries. Their stand will be found next to the British Amateur Television Club stand in Zone C7. DMR is protocol used on GN7NS. A YouTube Video of GB7NS first DMR Repeater can be viewed here